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Andrew Ward is a New York City-based freelance writer who how worked for notable names including PotGuide, Cannabis Culture and numerous brands. Andrew specializes in a range of copy including articles, blogs, newsletter, web copy, b2b and SEO to drive his client's ROI.


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Andrew Ward


I am a Brooklyn, New York-based writer with a degree in Creative Writing from Montclair State University in New Jersey. After years of working in freelance and offices, I embraced the future of work and re-entered the independent workforce. Today, I am excited to provide creative solutions to some incredible clients and even stand at the forefront of an emerging multi-billion dollar industry. 

I believe in working smart and providing value to my clients. Challenging myself to learn more about subjects, industries and the news of the world makes me excited. That excitement translates onto the page as I write about everything from the latest developments in terpene extraction to the forecast for the freelance community in the years ahead.

In short, I love to learn and pass it on.

My creative approach is to bring adaptive, critical thinking to every conversation. I do this with a blend of wit and journalistic ethos when the time is right. In some cases, the medium calls for adjustments to my approach - which provides me another exciting challenge to learn and overcome. This approach has allowed me to work and enjoy in fields ranging from sketch comedy to public policy. 

For me, writing isn’t about web content, but instead, a way to communicate on a modern level. It is an early-era communication device that will continue to evolve in modern and beyond. Today, striking the balance between creative and providing a ROI is often seen as a struggle. 

I see it as an opportunity.

Now, please explore my work for an idea of what I can do for your brand or publication.



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