Andrew Ward | Cannabis Writer, Editor and Consultant
Andrew Ward is a New York City-based freelance writer who how worked for notable names including PotGuide, Cannabis Culture and numerous brands. Andrew specializes in a range of copy including articles, blogs, newsletter, web copy, b2b and SEO to drive his client's ROI.


— Andrew Ward is a writer, editor, and author living in Brooklyn, New York.

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Andrew is a brilliant writer and creative strategist, with a great deal of experience! We have worked on a few projects together and time after time, I am astounded by his ability to self-manage so effectively. Repeatedly, Andrew has led projects where he sets a desirable example for anyone wishing to learn the “ins and outs” of managing and leading web-based projects and tasks. His organizational skills keep himself and those on his team on a steady track towards success as they work to achieve set goals and objectives and meet important deadlines.

Andrews ability to recognize potential long-term risks, and his understanding of the short-term strategies to prevent such risks, sets him apart as a creative strategist and writer. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work (which is infectious, makes it fun to learn, and easy to remember). Andrew always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s excellent at organization and bringing people together. His presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. If you need an excellent applicant for your company, hire Andrew! He’s the best!
— David Moshkowich - Medical Student at American University of the Caribbean
After working with Andrew for a while now, we have been very impressed with his quality of work and creative direction. Andrew brings a lot to the table and is also a terrific writer. We enjoy using his services and would recommend anyone with a need in the content creation or content strategy to get in touch with him.
— Eric Vlosky - Director of Marketing @ PurePressure
I had the pleasure of working with Andrew through the Disney International College Program at Montclair State University. Andrew is an extremely motivated, reliable and dedicated professional who made great contributions towards the growth and prosperity of our program.

Andrew was one of our top student ambassadors and quickly climbed the ranks to become a program coordinator. His enthusiastic demeanor was contagious amongst his peers and his cultural awareness and sensitivity were second to none. The key to Andrew’s success was his social intelligence; he understands how to adapt and strive in any situation.

I highly recommend Andrew for any role and hope to cross professional paths again with him in the future.
— Joseph M Vitale - Consultant
I worked extensively with Andrew in the Creative Services department at Audio Network. He excels at project management, and his organizational skills and ability to multitask allow him to tackle complex assignments with consistent success. He is deeply dedicated to client satisfaction, and was often praised for his stellar assistance.

Andrew is passionate and knowledgeable about social media and brand development, and greatly contributed to the growth of the Audio Network Facebook and Twitter accounts.

He will be a wonderful addition to any team and I recommend him highly.
— Amanda Mayo - Recording Artist / A&R / Music Business Consultant
Andrew’s a great asset when it comes to content creation and producing quality articles. Being that the cannabis industry is so new, Andrew did a great job in thinking outside of the box and coming up with cutting edge subject matter to cover.
— Brandi Moody - Self-Employed
I’ve had the absolute privilege of working closely with Andrew on our blog content. In our time working together, our blog was ranked #29 on a list of Top Medical Cannabis Blogs 2018 by an independent review site (Feedspot). Andrew’s writing is articulate, concise, and easy to understand. Aside from his amazing skill as a writer, Andrew is incredibly easy to work with. He is responsive, consistent, creative, and a great listener. This was very important to our team, as he works remotely. I recommend Andrew to any position you may be considering him for.
— Nicole Darrough - Digital Marketing Expert
Andrew has a great balance between being fastidious and creative, self-prompting and manageable. His client-facing skills are indeed appreciated in any form of service environment and his general warm camaraderie always helps build a team atmosphere. I would certainly recommend him for a creative position in entertainment and media.
— Brad Burnside - VP Partnerships & Operations at West One Music Group

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